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I've been sick the last year and a half and had first been diagnosed with IBS but after a year of treatments and after having a colonoscopy and endoscopy done it was determined that wasn't the cause of my pain. I went to a Gynaecologist who did a pelvic exam and from that he suspected endometriosis and referred me for a regular ultrasound.After this ultrasound today the nurse didnt detect any cysts on my ovaries and now I'm thinking my Gynaecologist won't believe my pain. Is an ultrasound the only way of diagnosing endometriosis or could the ultrasound have missed something?



The ultrasound is commonly used to rule out other issues. It is just a tool the doctor uses. By itself it can't diagnose endometriosis.

Usually the doctor would perform a pelvic exam to rule out other issues, follow up with the ultrasound, to check for such things as cysts and rule out any other structural problems.

A visual exam and then a biopsy, scraping, would be obtained by laparoscopy. These are really the only way to make a conclusive diagnosis.

Hope it helps.