I am 24 years old.
Relatively healthy as far as I know.
I drink only water, decaf hot tea, and of course some coffee and skim milk
I totally cut out soda
I have had pelvic pain and inflammation in the lower right quandrant for four years now. I have been told by the doctor that it is "stress" related.
My bowels are not normal at all (seems to be an obstruction)
I can feel swollen areas that are tube like on the right and left sides of my stomach
My periods are becoming heavier and heavier (must change every hour)
I have had a transvaginal, pelvic ultrasound and everything was normal.
My pelvic exam is 3 weeks away.
Any ideas? I have thought maybe pid, maybe cancer, maybe colon issues, maybe cysts or endometriosis (both have been ruled out I guess).