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hey, ill be brief here. i'm 24 yrs old. i am 22 days off methadone and hearing the horror stories, i switched to hydrocodone which was a nice substitute to get me off methadone, mind you i did NOT abuse hydrocodone during this process, will power is all power.. at this point i am assuming the methadone has left my system and it's time to ditch the hydrocodone...i'm on day 2 and i'm experiencing mild withdrawals. in any case, yes, i am a sissy and plan on making myself comfortable to the fullest extent. i can't imagine what some of you go're all in my thoughts. Anyway, i came across this great great link which tells you exactly what you need and what you need to do, how to do it, and the right way to do it. it's been helping me...i would assume this applies to all opiate withdrawal at home treatments.

currently, i'm taking:

imodium - for diarrhea

ibuprofen - for pain and aches

benadryl - for the remaining cold/flu like symptoms (sneezing, runny nose, etc.)

valerian root supplement - for sleep

clonopin - for sleep as well, those legs won't rest themselves (RLS joke)

...the clonopin is only used when necessary, i have also found Ketamine to be a very helpful aid, as well as weed for appetite.

protein shakes, food intake, and drink lots of water, and whenever i feel up to it, i take walks, get some's another vitamin. 

Good luck everyone, i will be monitoring this closely and wish we could all be sharing these experiences under different circumstances, but the 'joy and pleasure' we have all held so dear to our hearts comes at a cost, and i am paying for it. 


...might i also add, take time off if possible, work or school...just a few days if even possible. upon doing so, i recommend fun movies and hot bathes, and many of them. this process...which is only 4-7 days out of your entire life, will seem like an eternity. keep yourself busy...keep your mentality focused at all times. write, play games, talk, watch movies/tv, whatever you can to occupy ur mind off the hellish ego that is trying to get you back to where we have first fallen.  



well today was one of my most feared days but i woke up feeling tip top. yesterday, wednesday, i felt miserable...bloated, diarrhea, aches, sweats...all rather mild though. i loaded up on ibuprofen (6 for the day), imodium (4 for the day) and benadryl (just one) and went to work for my fortunately short shift. upon returning from work, i began feeling somewhat crappy...again, mild. i took a bath and went to bed, took a clonopin and valerian root and slept through the night no problem. today, i wake up and feel antsy but that didn't bother me, i feel like i have one of the mildest colds. i went out for a walk, cleaned a little, made my self a nutritious breakfast and took my vitamins. it's 7pm now and actually rather worried, this is day three and i should be feeling as miserable as it gets. 

perhaps my experiment of substituting methadone with hydrocode for approximately 3 weeks worked. this is day 23 of no methadone, and day 3 of no hydrocodone. that's at least the best case scenario...then again, this is day 3. we shall see how tomorrow goes. i'm worried but hoping for the best. i will attempt to sleep using just valerian root, if that doesn't work, i will attempt melatonin, if that doesn't work, i will attempt magnesium glycinate, if that doesn't work...i will then considering turning to xanax, ketamine or clonopin. 

i am completely confused. i feel ok but based on the many reports i've read here, i should be in hell right now. i'm even more afraid of tomorrow than i was of today. then...the weekend, where i will remain in isolation and get my head straight. 



Day Four - today i feel somewhat worse. clammy and cold hands and feet. cramping stomach and decent stool, i wouldn't call it diarrhea. I believe i feel this way because yesterday, day 3, i felt rather normal. on day 3, i took nothing at all during the day. i did smoke a bowl and at bedtime, took One benedryl and valerian root, slept from 10:30pm til 4:00am. It is now day four, 10:00am...i went to one of my classes today and handled it well but for risk's sake i came home after. it's friday and i will be staying in through the weekend to focus on getting better. i just took two imodium to cease the tension and cramping in my stomach. sidenote: i've been reading that imodium is a wonder w/d drug and while i agree, people have been using ridiculous amounts to stop withdrawal...and this i disagree with, maybe i'm a sissy but i do not intend to go over the limit of 4 2mg tablets per day, as stated on the label. taking four has helped on day 2, along with that i  had ibuprofen and benedryl to help the situation. the day is now in full bloom. i'm feeling sluggish but grateful to have the next 3 days all to myself. i intend on making a lot of progress, and allow nature do its work. 

symptom check:

-- cramping/tension in stomach, bloating. a little bit of diarrhea, but i wouldn't even call it that, it was pretty solid.

-- clammy and cold hands and feet

-- feeling tired and sluggish

-- my mentality is stable, little to no mood swings, nothing unusual....assuming any person feeling discomfort isn't exactly the happiest of people. 


that's it for now, perhaps i'll post another entry later in the evening. 



alright. today is day Five since i've taken hydrocodone, and day Twenty Five since i've taken methadone. Yesterday was an odd day. i was lazy and tired. by noon yesterday, my stomach began giving me hell so I dealt with diarrhea for a couple of hours, took imodium and was fine within an hour or so. i took my dog for a walk to the park and play fetch, but because it was cooler than i expected, i didn't stay very long, but it was nice to get some air and sunshine. i then hung out in my room most of the day experiencing only cool sweaty hands and feet. my mind is developing interesting patterns, it appears to me like my mind is waking from an entirely prolonged sleep. 

anyway, at 5:30pm, i took another imodium on an empty stomach as recommended. at 6:30pm, i took .5mg of xanax. at  7:00pm, i took a shower and felt much more relaxed and comfortable afterwards. i even went to do some shopping. got some ginger ale and protein shakes, healthy snacks...etc. upon my return, i made some popcorn and watched a movie, while sipping on ginger ale. Among imodium, ginger ale has been very helpful with the chaos within my stomach/intestines/colon. 

i did end up taking another .25 mg of xanax, and two tablets of valerian root. i neglected to mention in previous posts that the valerian root supplement contains 145mg of Valerian Root, 4 mg of Magnesium, and 145mg passion flower powder extract per tablet. all ingredients are intended for support of healthy sleep. within an hour i was yawning and noticeably tired but could not fall asleep, so i opted for a tiny bump of Ketamine Hcl, which then knocked me out peacefully. by this point it was midnight, i awoke approximately 6 hours and 45 minutes later. and while i did get sleep, i awoke feeling very antsy...hoping to get more sleep, i lied there for another hour and figured i might as well get up and here i am writing this entry, sitting up and feeling rather comfortable after i replenished my body with a bottle of water. my stomach is beginning to make noises but i want to avoid taking imodium. perhaps i'll eat breakfast and drink my ginger ale as i do have an appetite. i intend on being productive today, doing homework, possibly a light workout and relax some more. i am considering going to NA but im not motivated enough just yet. 

**one thing i surely noticed is that i'm turned on as all hell, masturbating feels GREAT. i can't imagine what sex will be like, but because i don't feel like myself nor do i look great, i'm opting out of socializing and engaging in sex, relationships alone are not for those in recovery unless you're already in one. i need to focus on myself and myself alone. i've found myself reading these threads alot

lastly, right now i feel like i'm in "limbo" proud of myself but at the same time, tired of feeling this way. i know im getting a little better every day BUT it just gets exhausting. today is saturday morning 8:50am, i have today and tomorrow to make as much progress as i possibly can because i resume  my busy school/work schedule monday. 



well. today is day 6. and I am beginning to see that I just may be out of the woods, but i am being extremely overcautious...the last thing i wanna do is jinx this.

yesterday was pretty good. i ate ALOT. accomplished a lot of work for school. my only complaints...i still had cold feet, and hands, the diarrhea has even subsided and i have taken a couple of normal stools in the last 24 hours, stomach is still turning a little but nothing to complain about...but you'd definitely hear 'er rumble in a quiet setting which would make for an embarrassing moment ha. one other thing, i have really oily skin....but i suppose, in time this too shall pass. 

i took a nap yesterday, very successful. other than that, i worked on projects and lounged around, listened to tunes and watched tv. i even went out last night for a cruise, the air was brisk after the rain stopped so it was really nice. i picked up my friend and we drove around, smoked and chatted, it was felt Right, normal, i was no longer in a state of "zombie", there was Firm Control. 

its been close to 72 hours since i've taken ibuprofen, at least 36 since i've taken imodium. i took two benedryl yesterday, for all i is spring time and i tend to have seasonal allergies so benedryl helps one way or another. i have been taking my supplements, staying hydrated, optimistic, practicing discipline (discipline is key). 

id like to think i could have gone to bed early last night but i stayed up because i felt like watching a movie, Django Unchained is one crazy ridiculous awesome movie haha after the movie, i think it took me about a half hour to fall asleep. 

Theory: I am wondering why my withdrawals were rather tolerable and quick. i have an extremely high metabolism, i can eat steak every damn day for two weeks and not gain a pound, unless im at the gym. SO...i think based on the individuals speed of metabolism can determine the length of withdrawals. for example, High Metabolism = quick withdrawals, Low metabolism = Slow metabolism. unfortunately, metabolism is not something within our natural control. 

ok. day 6. the weather is looking chipper. i will be going for a walk, maybe even to the gym, and continue being proactive...and lazy at the same time. 

take care of yourselves =] i know im still very far from being out of the woods entirely but i'm beginning to re-grasp life again, slowly but surely. 



April 11, 2013: i haven't taken methadone since March 12, 2013 and I haven't taken Hydrocodone or any opiate since April 1st, 2013. 

life, for the most part, has resumed. experiencing just mild hands do get a bit cold occasionally, sleep is a strange thing, sometimes i fall asleep easily, other times, it requires effort...or aid of benedryl, valerian root, ketamine, or klonopin. anxiety comes and goes. I am eating normally. im generally happier as the days go by. i do get cravings but its a mental game of chess and i'm good at it. one thing i surely noticed is that from time to time, i'll experience a euphoric feeling that lasts a few's bizarre considering i am in fact completely sober. 

I guess, to sum it up, I'm all over the place. sensitive to emotions, but i don't have erratic mood swings...very stable, in fact. marijuana has been very helpful. i haven't drank alcohol in god knows how long, not that its ever been a problem. and reflecting back on my days of methadone, i feel like i've lost a year of my life. i was a zombie. now...being sober, im outgoing, social, active...though i get tired easily, it's all good, it's all Real. and every day i am getting a little bit better. I WILL NEVER TOUCH METHADONE AGAIN. opiates...not for a while. i never had a problem with opiates, it was my physical dependency on methadone that ruined me. when i first took methadone, i had no idea what i was in for...i didn't realize it was a trap until it was too late. anyway. methadone is now behind me. and fun times ahead. 

this is my last entry as i don't have anything else to report. if something drastic occurs, i will be sure to report it here. to anyone reading this and attempting to get sober, it's only a few days out of ur Life. you can do it, you've got the rest of ur life ahead of you and that much more wisdom. 

i would wish you all luck, but i don't believe in luck. i believe in the in the individual that lives...within every One of Us.



How much methadone were you on andfor how long?  How many hydo's were you taking a day during the methadone withdrawals?  Just curios.



I was on 10mg methadone tablets, one a day for about a year. at one point i was taking 20mg per day. that's when i realized i have made a grave mistake and started tapering. for the first week of methadone withdrawal, i was taking around 30mg of hydrocodone, then every week there after i began taking less, approximately 21 days later i cut my self off entirely. during the 21 days, i was able to function completely normal, i was even able to go out and live my life. after the 21 days was up, i took wednesday, thursday, friday off school and work. i prepped for the worst but the worst never came. needless to say, it DID suck but it was much more tolerable than having to attempt cold turkey again....which was one of the most painful revelations of my life.

i'm not a doctor, nor do i recommend this to the faint of heart. this requires discipline and will power. and if you were taking LARGER doses of methadone or suboxone for a LONGER period of time, then might need to adjust your "regimen" to suit your body's needs. some say that withdrawals from 10mg are as bad as withdrawals from 40..or 70..what i guess does make a difference is tapering, but even then, withdrawals are inevitable...but i've found this method of substitution to Work.

The idea is to taper down as low as you can, manage that and then basically substitute one dependence for another, one with milder withdrawal symptoms, which i found vicodin to be the ideal candidate. it's kind of like tricking your mind so it forgets about methadone as it exits ur system while using the aid of another narcotic. anyway, you do that for a small period of time, and then endure a few days of the "cold". can't say it'll work for everybody but i kept it hush hush, i had to, NOBODY except one of my friends knows about this and i voluntarily told him myself for the benefit of support that i needed. otherwise, nobody knows...and being in the position i was in, nobody Could know.

it's been approximately One month and One day since my last methadone dose, and close to two weeks since i've stopped taking opiates completely and i feel pretty damn normal. last night i actually went to sleep without the aid of anything. and today, i hardly have any symptoms at all. my body is still not tip top...far from it, but im becoming more active everyday, my Mind is Shaper, quicker, it's focused.

i apologize for going into that much detail. i suppose the more you know, the easier it'll be for you to figure out a way out for yourself, if that is indeed why you came here in the first place. it doesn't appear that a lot of people have read my thread and that is unfortunate because i believe this is a very effective method of ditching one of the worst drugs on Earth.

and thanks for writing, having to answer your question sort of served the purpose of therapy for me. i kept two journals, this brief one on this website and a much more in depth, personal journal in a notebook(for my eyes only). both helped tremendously in my commitment to sobriety; highly recommended.



i meant to say i was taking around 30mg of hydrocodone daily. so...7.5mg vicodin tabs, 4-5 times daily for the first week, then i tapered that ...but even then, i took an extra one if i really needed to. i guess you gotta feel your body out, know your limits and figure out the timing for all this.