The scientists advise that persons with high blood pressure, heart disease or any other pre-existing conditions avoid ephedra-free weight-loss products.
A new study indicates that ephedra-free dietary supplements could have some of the same adverse health effects associated with previously available ephedra products.
Two over the counter ephedra free dietary supplements that contain bitter orange extract were tested, Advantra Z and Xenadrine EFX. The results showed that these supplements increased the heart rates of healthy adult users by an average of 11 to 16 beats per minute, which is an 18 % jump over the normal 80 beats per minute. Xenadrine EFX, which also contains high doses of caffeine, increased blood pressure by 7 to 12 %.
In conclusion, the public and the consumers should be informed that ephedra-free dietary supplements have not been extensively tested for safety and the health effects are not well known yet.