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hi, i m suffering from the 99 fever, body-ache,specially leg pain everyday. what should i do please suggest me. i have to take diclowin and paracetamol everyday. i m fed up with all these medicines. some says that its a natural but m feeling very very low. no body understands what i m feeling. please suggest me something. thank u.


Hi Nischa,

99 is not a fever.  The average body temperature varies a bit in everyone AND it also varies depending upon when you take it.

The range of "normal" is from 97-99.

Have you seen a doctor about your aches?  It could indicate a virus or other infection.

Both paracetamol and diclowin should help reduce a fever.  Diclowin is also an anti-inflammatory so if there was something going on it should help with the pain.

Try another doctor if you don't feel this one is helping.

Good luck.