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Why does someone ALWAYS have to be better than me in everything I love!?!?!?! I mean my best friend is faster than me in swimming. A girl at school is way better than me at art. Everyone is thinner than me (or so I think). This annoying girl Celine has all the guys I like like HER!! It is so irritating! I can't stand my life! everyone is better than me at something!!! I want to be in algebra but nooo everyone but me is in it! ERRGGGHHH. What can I do to not be so angry and sad about this? I constantly feel like crying when I think about these things.


Ahh I have been where you are. I am 36 now.. so let me tell you what I learned.....

Stop comparing yourself to every one is NOT a contest. If there is something you love to do..then do it and work on improving as you go naturally....maybe learn from other's techniques BUT do NOT compare you to them.

The truth is, we are all different, all uniquely individual. I love to swim, I swim like a fish BUT can not for the life of me do a normal front stroke... that used to bother the heck out of me and made me feel dumb and bad but guess what?? It does not really matter... I am good at swimming in other ways and snorkeling and swimming across the bottom of the deep section or even across the entire bottom of a pool in one breath.... so there are things I am way better at than others as well.

My mom is an artist in my mind, she paints and draws wonderfully.... I always wanted that gift, always tried and then got myself down about it.... well in the end, it did not matter. I still draw and doodle and it is just for fun... I do not think too much into it...just get simple joy out of my silly drawings and spontaneous doodles.

I wish I could say I was good at math, ever, but even simple math stumps me and boy was that painful in school (forget algebra, I never even got in the door). BUT guess what??? It does not matter....  in fact anything I need to know I can either learn now or find out....

No one belittles me or makes me feel bad now because I do not know certain things. There will always be other people who can do things better than me, or have more than me etc etc. BUT I no longer define myself by comparing me to them!  AND in hindsight it did not matter to anyone but ME back in school. My friends were still my friends, they still liked me...the problem was ME beating MYSELF up over nothing important.

Stop beating yourself up over this stuff.... it does not matter to your friends,  not to your true friends..... this is you being your worst enemy but now is when you need to be your best friend. Your friends like you just the way you are and true friend embrace your perfect imperfectness because that is what makes you, you.... and you are a great person just the way that you are! :)