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Hello everyone.

Once again, I need your help.


A few weeks ago, my cat was diagnosed with some small kidney stones :/ I was really nervous about it, but I was nervous without any reasons.

I took her to the vet and he gave some medications to cure it. It was a piece of cake, since it was really small stone.

My friend told me that I should change diet for my cat, but I didn’t listened her about it :/

Now, the stone is back, but it is bigger – and I think my cat has three stones.

I was wondering, can you tell me what to feed a cat with kidney stones?


Hey there.

I am glad that you asked :)

There are a lot of prescription diet foods. For example, you can try Hi – Tor canned neo diet feline canned kidney diet, iams veterinary formulas renal multi sage diet.

All of those diets have really amazing formula.

But, if you want to heal it, you should be strict at this, because this is the only option.

In some cases, you can try canned food as well, it doesn’t matter are you for or against it.

It is helpful, a lot of my friends are using this food currently, and they are really satisfied with it.



Hey there.

Our cat (this cat is our family cat and she currently lives with my parents) had problems with kidney stones very often.

Well, our cat was eating just dry food, all the time.

When this happened with her for the first time, vet told us that we should stop giving her dry food.

He suggested any well balanced cat food, because in this case, cat is able to produce a urine pH in its optimal range for one very healthy cat.

Still, diet program depends from one cat to another, and you should consult your vet about it.



Hey everyone,


First of all, I would like to say that I do not recommend feeding with special prescription diets that contains just added synthetic substances to control the pH of the urine.

Low magnesium content of those diet programs can have some side – effects on your cat.

I would like to suggest you to avoid  dry food, because this type of food has only been on the market for last 70 years.

Well, during this period, urinary problems and kidney diseases in cats have increased. Feeding your cat with dry food can play very important role, but I would avoid it in this case.



Hello. If your cat has problems with kidney stones, than diet program is just another brick in the wall. It is very important part of your cat’s health. I vote for balanced homemade diet program. It will be hard for her to eat homemade prepared food if she is used to canned food, but you have to try. There are three really important keys in feeding your cat if she is sick. You need to pay attention of water content – it can’t be too low. Carbos load cannot be too high. One more mistake is if you give your cat a food that is high in animal based protein. If you change this, your cat will be health.  



Hi friends.


I would like to help you, I had this situation with my cat. Don’t worry, it can be OK.

And I am glad because you asked this question.

Cat needs to be fed with animal proteins diet program. All animal based protein sources contain purines, some less and some more. You should feed you cat with organ meats, such as liver or kidneys. Fish is also good and the best type of fish are herrings and sardines.

I agree that you should put a little water in those groceries and feed your cat with it.


Those are ingredients that help in dissolving of stones.