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I was just wondering if anyone could help me, im 19, currently suffering from ansomnia even though im really tired i cant sleep, when i move a certain way or even walking i get this sharp pain starting at my hip bone and going up until about half way up my ribs only on my right side though and when that hurts it goes into my back and stomach and makes me nausea's, can anyone tell me what this might be, please my doctor literally has no idea he thinks its a kidney infection but he isnt sure, also just throwing this out there, i went to the doctor before because my breast's always hurt he said it was my cycle but they are never not sore its not a specific time its all the time.

please someone help, thank you


Have you tried a trigger-point therapist, one who is an expert in muscles? This is not a physical therapist. Look in your area for a certified myofascial trigger-point therapist. This might solve the problem. On the other hand, I experience this pain on my right side under my right rib, in my shoulder, my neck, and my head if I am exposed to any product containing soy, even a product that is manufactured in the same facility as another product that contains soy. Soy is in almost everything: all packaged food; canned food; bread; cookies; candy; chocolate; canned tuna and salmon; etc. You might have a soy allergy.
Hope you find relief,