Im 20 years old, and have had a contraceptive implant in for about 10 months now. I completely stopped having periods when I had it put in, but do still experience "mid cycle cramps".

Occasionally, my breasts get extremely tender and sensitive, and it hurts to just put my bra on, and is excrutiatingly painful when I put a nightie on and the material slides against my nipples, which are incredibly sensitive also.

To start with, I thought it was because my bras werent fitting and supporting me properly, but having being fitted, this is not the case. I do have quite large, heavy breasts, and wondered whether it was because they are so big that they are painful.

Ive been like this for weeks now (Ive suffered this before, but maybe only for a week max). Im definitely not pregnant, so dont know whats the matter with me. If I cant get much help or suggestions from the internet, I think I will go back to my Dr.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why my breasts are so tender?

Thanks for reading