I know this is a really personal, but im 27 male and whenever I ejacualate I begin to have extreme pain in my prostate area and in my bladder area. The ejaculation it's self does not hurt, it's all the pain in my lower body that hurts after words. The pain takes about 15-20 min to start after ejaculation, then I'm sore as hell in my lower body for hours. The pain can be very extreme at times. Iv been like this for about 4 years, I haven't even come close to having any health insurance over the years. Most times I have to go days in a row without ejacualating in order to give my body a rest from the pain. Its driving me crazy having to wait for days to masterbate and when I finnaly do I'm struck with this pain that's so bad I can't even take sitting or lying down for well over 7-10 hours. Are there any suggestions as to what this could be? So far iv read online about things like Prostates or Prostate Cancer (which I hope i don't have). Im not sexually active, i only masterbate and thats it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.