14 days ago I had all 4 of my "deeply" impacted wisdom teeth taken out. I am also 31 so I fully understand it was a tough surgery and recovery is longer. I have already been back to the dentist because if so much pain. 2 of the suture sites looked infected so I am completing a course of antibiotics and 800 mg of Motrin several times a day to combat the swelling and help open my jaw more to eat solid foods. Everything LOOKS ok inside my mouth now but, the pain in my lower right is CONSTANT. It hurts all the time. The tooth was very close to the nerve so I have nerve pain all the time but, now it feel like a ton of pressure in my jaw. It doesn't hurt to chew or if I run my finger along my gum line but, the jaw pain radiates from my front teeth to my ear. It is a constant throbbing and aching. The lower right has far and away been the most painful extraction site but, this new jaw pain and pressure started about 48 hours ago. This surgery maxed out my dental so I am hoping to figure this out without another out of pocket trip to the dentist. I appreciate the help.