Painful urination so excruciating that UTI medicine does not help. I feel the burning not just in my urethra but my vagina as well. It burns so bad I scream everytime I urinate and have to go in the shower and use the hand held shower head strong pressured and slightly cold just to calm me down. I have had UTI's and this is different. UTI's pain is mainly the uretha and half the pain level. Dont know if this is related. Prior to this I have also had pain during intercourse at the entry. When the penis trys to pass the introitus (vaginal opening) it feels like a ring of fire, its so soar but when it passes but is ok after a minute or so. That issue has been for a few years but the urination started 2days ago. I had this urination issue about 15years ago but never saw a doctor about it. Ive been tested for STDs and I was negative for gonnoreah and all that. I had clyamidia once 20 years ago and took antibiotics but I was positive for Hep C. Again dont think its related But How Can I stop this pain?