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Times when I have the the desire to urinate but it is only very little. Can't fully empty my bladder. Now I am having painful urination at times.


Dear Guest,

As always you must see a doctor for an accurate answer. However, I can tell you that some of those symptons might be the ones of a UTI (Urinary Track infection). Constant desire to urinate combined with very PAINFUL, burning little urine OUCH are signs of it!

Send a 311 to your GYN and tell him/her about your symptoms, they will then give you something to relieve the pain until you go see them or call in a prescription at your Pharmacy. In the mean time I can tell you that "cranberry juice, cranberry pills or EZO O/C might help.
" enzymes in Cranberry prevent UTI's" and relieves pain when you have one. GOOD LUCK.. FEEL BETTER. Oh yes drink lots of water!