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Ok, first things first, ill get some things out of the way.

Yes, I am a social drug user of cannibis, alcohol & LSD
No I do not use any other drugs, nor abuse the ones I do use.
Yes, I am phychotic & am ment to be taking quetapel, but I dont (well not often)
Only heart problems, mental health & cancer run in my family.

Ok, now that we just got a couple of things out of the way, down to the problem

Normally I go to bed around 2-3am, and sleep into around 12. I know thats not what you would call normal, but it is normal for me. I have had this sleeping pattern for years with no problems. I hardly ever, ever feel tired, and even around the 2am mark, i often dont even feel like sleeping, but I go to bed because i know i need sleep. My mates consider me an insominiac.

I do not eat much, and when i do it its mainly, breads, chicken (mainly breast), juice, milk, water, buscuits, potato chips, cheese and thats about it. Im a very fussy eater, but again this has been my normal diet for over 15 years, and had no problems and blood tests have always come back normal.

But the last 4-5 days I have been feeling tried almost all the time, sometime extremly tired. Last night for example, went to bed around 7.30pm and slept through till 10.30am (I woke up a couple times, but went strait back sleep)

Ontop of this I have been feeling thirstier than normal. Im always wanting a drink. Im not dehydrated, but when I look at what i am drinking, its only slightly more than I normally would, nothing major like when my mate got diabetes, he was constantly thirsty and drinking, im thirsty, but im not drinking anymore than I normally would, by miuch.

Im also havning very slight headaches now and again, and i hardly ever get heachaches.

There has been no major change in the social use of my drugs (and please dont give me lectures, I am well aware of what they do. I have been using them for a very long time, and I dont abuse them)

I have also been urinating alot more than usual, but in the last 24-36 hours that seems to have returned to normal.

Other than that, I am prety much normal, well what normal is to me anyway.

Does anybody have any ideas? I would go to my doctor but I dont get paid for another 3 days and doctors here are hell. pay strait up or no consultation.

Again, please dont automaticly blame my drug use. I have been using for a very long time with no problems whatsoever, so its not a likly thing in my mind, and all this came on very suddenly.


 Why didn't anybody answer you? You wrote this in April, 2009. By now I would think, that this problem have moved on to something else. Did you solve this problem?

I guess my only comment would be, that anyone can become sick at any time, reguardless of their present health. Also clearly taking any type of illegal drug, is abusing the body. I don't think much higher, of a lot of prescription drugs either.When we are younger, we can tolerate much more physically. As we age, our bodies change. It's challenging as it is without doing drugs, to stay healthy. So many foods sold today, are without nutrition or nearly. From what you said you eat, I didn't see any vegetables or fruit on your list. It's a lot up to you, on how long you live. Taking better care of yourself, would certainly help. Love yourself and know that you are valuable and worth dying for. Jesus did that exactly, for you!