Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I'm a 15 year old male and currently in year 10 at school. I've never exactly been smart, I was always with the bottom students in the class. Frequently getting into trouble, not concentrating in class and generally not giving a care in the world about my education. But that was until the start of the first term last year. Something had happened through the holidays that made me become a much better student than I could have dreamed of. My vocabulary had suddenly increased drastically and I found I was using an intelligent form of word structure. I also felt alive, alert, prepared, confident and full of energy, and for the first time ever, I felt intelligent. I seemed to speak to everybody in a very fluid and intellectual manner. I was very keen to do school work, no matter what; I suddenly cared so much about my education. I could actually remember things very well as well as being capable of comprehending information very well. I could read and take in everything at a much faster rate. I always prioritized my homework over everything and was the top student in my class – for the first time ever. During my parent-teacher interview, all my teachers informed my mother of how shocked and pleased they were with my sudden change, and after hearing this news, I was only motivated further to try harder in school. I too, was stunned about this revelation, and I was so grateful for it all. This continued further on into the year, and I was never happier. But slowly, as the year progressed, I noticed that I found it more and more difficult to learn. I found it more difficult to read and comprehend things, my memory slowly became more and more useless and I could no longer access the seemingly infinite intellectual vocabulary I previously possessed. But most importantly to me, I no longer felt wise. And by the end of the year, I felt just as I did all the years leading up to 2012, tired, unmotivated, unwilling and lazy. I left my homework and revision to the very last moment, didn’t care less what the teachers had to say and generally, was just waiting for each day to end. This only got worst as 2013 arrived, and I have been looking for solutions ever since I became aware of the loss of my sudden ‘intelligence’. I have also been feeling headaches during school on some days, usually around the end of the day which continues until the next morning. I am also currently experiencing extreme difficulties sleeping. Every night, I read for an hour or so before going to bed at about 9:30PM and watch very little television. I just lay in bed, wide awake - usually for hours at a time before finally drifting off to sleep. I also find that my eyes feel bloated and compressed, which could possibly be one of the culprits to my lack of sleep. I find that when I wake up, I feel as if I have not slept at all since going to bed, and just want to stay in bed and sleep. I was not experiencing these symptoms when I was feeling intelligent a year ago, and the symptoms only seem to be getting worse.


If you have any information that you think might help, please help me out. I am completely useless without this and shall not be capable of coping with the increasingly difficult school work of my year level. If there is anything you feel I am leaving out, just let me know and I shall update this as soon as possible. Thank you