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Ok, first things first, ill get some things out of the way.

Yes, I am a social drug user of cannibis, alcohol & LSD
No I do not use any other drugs, nor abuse the ones I do use, except for this one time Im refering to now.
Yes, I am phychotic & am ment to be taking quetapel, but I dont (well not often)
Only heart problems, mental health & cancer run in my family.

Ok, now that we just got a couple of things out of the way, down to the problem

Last week, we had a big party planed, it was a 48 hour thing... and I planned to get absolutly trashed off my face. So we started with the drinking (i didnt really have that much, just enough to get drunk), then came the weed, again, didnt have as much as I normally smoke because I was waiting for my main drug, LSD. I took what I would ussualy take, and yup, was the best night of my life, not exagerating. In the morning, i got a little sleep in, about 4-5 hours coz the party was still going. I woke up and had a hell of a hangover, and i just ate and drank (non alcoholic) till it was bearable to drop another lot of LSD, and so i did. Again, around the same amount i ussualy would. We then had a little bit of weed as the night went on, and there was also some salvia (mexican tripping weed) going around. All the drugs there I am more than familia with, and to be honest, i did alot less than i normally do in a night. the only difrence is i have never droped lsd tabs so close together, my tips have been spaced out, never before the next night. Anyway, i did get a prety good sleep in after that one and woke up feeling algood. just the normal aftereffects of using lsd. however... now we are 5 days on and im still geting some visionary effects (and no, they arnt flashbacks, i know what they are), headaches, my sleep patterns are totally reversed, and my thirst and hunger is going crazy. As i said, i have done lsd and all the other drugs many a times before, but i have never had this happen. Is it related to the drugs somehow, or have i got something else going on that just seems to have started at the same time as my big party? Ill explain symtoms more detail below...

Normally I go to bed around 2-3am, and sleep into around 12. I know thats not what you would call normal, but it is normal for me. I have had this sleeping pattern for years with no problems. I hardly ever, ever feel tired, and even around the 2am mark, i often dont even feel like sleeping, but I go to bed because i know i need sleep. My mates consider me an insominiac. But the last 4-5 days I have been feeling tried almost all the time, sometime extremly tired. Last night for example, went to bed around 7.30pm and slept through till 10.30am (I woke up a couple times, but went strait back sleep)

I do not eat much, and when i do it its mainly, breads, chicken (mainly breast), juice, milk, water, buscuits, potato chips, cheese and thats about it. Im a very fussy eater, but again this has been my normal diet for over 15 years, and had no problems and blood tests have always come back normal. but in the last 4-5 days I have been wanting to eat, all the time. Im not eating more than normal, but i want to.

Ontop of this I have been feeling thirstier than normal. Im always wanting a drink. Im not dehydrated, but when I look at what i am drinking, its only slightly more than I normally would, nothing major like when my mate got diabetes, he was constantly thirsty and drinking, im thirsty, but im not drinking anymore than I normally would, just like eating, I want to, but im not.

Im also havning very slight headaches now and again, and i hardly ever get heachaches, ever

There has been no major change in the social use of my drugs, apart from the fact i did lsd two nights in a row, but as i said before, it wasnt any mroe than i would normally do in a night.

I have also been urinating alot more than usual, but in the last 24-36 hours that seems to have returned to normal.

Other than that, I am prety much normal, well what normal is to me anyway.

Does anybody have any ideas? I would go to my doctor but I dont get paid for another 3 days and doctors here are hell. pay strait up or no consultation.


P.S - If all you have to say is "dont use drugs" or any of the c**p, please dont even bother replieing. I am genuinly concerned and I would like some geniune answers, not some anti drug person just to have a go at me, coz quite frankly, nobody is going to stp me from using. Its the reason I dont take my meds, coz they clash with the booze and weed, and i aint giving them up... only if something, absolutly serious happens to me, which is why im asking now



Have you heard about Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD)? If not, I would like to suggest you look into this. Some people experience this after taking the drug LSD, and it differs from flashbacks in that there is usually a visual component, along with anxiety. 

That still doesn't explain any of the other symptoms you have, though. I don't know what could be causing those, and although they may be related to your drug and alcohol use they could also obviously be completely unrelated. 

Best bet is to go see your doctor and tell them about the symptoms. I think mentioning everything you did here gives you the best chance at a proper diagnosis, but if you don't wanna do that, even just mentioning the physical symptoms would be a start. 



Can you provide a little bit more info? Such as your age and male or female. Your hormons could be out of whack ( even males ).


I doubt LSD is what is causing your symptoms, but I could always be wrong. Just my opinion.


its just the after effects of lsd.
gel caps are especially far out and unless its straight liquid doses you dont really know how much youre getting on your blotter or in your gel cap.
colors can stay brighter, tracers can still appear and you can have that 'come down feeling' for almost 10 days in some cases.
i havent had any paychedelics for over 5 years and when i drive at night i still see an overpass that i never quite get to lol its kinda fun


Actually, you do abuse the drugs that you use.  Drug "abuse" is largely just a nominal term.  It doesn't mean that you think the drug use is bad or harmful.  "Drug abuse" just means you're using the drug outside of a medical setting.  So, unless your doctor prescribes cannabis, alcohol and LSD to you, then you're abusing those drugs, regardless of whether you like what the term implies.

LSD is a remarkably safe drug, but taking LSD while psychotic can be very dangerous.


I can't explain your symptoms but none of them are associated with use of LSD.



Oh man this is probably the most ignorant, misleading statement I've ever read.

Unless you have a scale and you know how pure your LSD is, then you don't know how much LSD you're getting.

At room temperature, LSD is a solid. Thus, when it comes to "liquid LSD" the only way you can tell how much you're getting is if you know how concentrated the solution is. That is, unless you know how much LSD there is per volume, then you don't know how much LSD you're getting.


I've done acid a handful of times and usually the after affects are gone after the second day IF I give my body and mind a proper chance to recover. There have been times where I couldnt sleep night of, worked early next day, school at night ect, took a little longer till I got back to baseline but all worked out. LSD in and of.its self is supposed to be one of the Least phisycally harmful drugs bye to potency. Idk what your dosage was or how it came, but only use a source that's earned your trust.

The tabs I've always gotten were surprisingly small to me, but little dudes had me trippin balls for 12< hours. Anything with bulk chance its adulterated or its something else comple


tely. Again, please know your source.. While back found out this burnt old hippy back wjere i lived was atempting to make a batch using rye bread try and cultivate ergot..