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I had the operation about 1 moth ago. The frenelum has healed and I can fully retract the forskin when flacid. Although when I masturbate with the skin pulled back (not to mention the extreme tension and impossibility of completely pulling the skin back as there is extra skin) it tears and bleeds. It is very annoying and I believe the surgeon made a grave mistake by not lengthening the frenelum enough. If I have another frenuloplasty (by a different doc of course) would it fix this problem? This is really bothering me as I though I would finally have it fully repaired at this point and now I am stuck with meager results.


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My personal feeling is that it's your penis not the doctor's, so you get to tell him/her what you want.

My frenulum tore by itself during sex and I wrapped it each time so the ends didn't heal back together. The first time I didn't wrap it and the ends healed back together leaving it as short as before. After 3 or 4 times it was no longer in the way and the tip of my foreskin now retracts all the way to the base of the shaft when erect --- comfortably.

If I was going to pay a doctor to do it for me, I feel I have the right to say I want it to go all the way back without hurting and the doctor should make sure it will.

Can you go back to the one who did the job and complain? Maybe he would do a do over. Although I certainly understand if you don't want to go back there again.

At this point I think it's up to you to make sure the doctor is going to do it the way you want.

Personally, I'd try to find a female surgeon because I feel she would be much more considerate of MY desires, than a male doctor. I just feel that too often male doctors attitudes are: I'll do it my way and you'll like it because I'm almost God. But that's just me.


Ryan, how did u fix the problem? I'm going through th same thing