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I'm 24 and i suffer from a tight foreskin and frenelum. When i'm flaccid i can easily retract my foreskin but when i'm erect i can just about retract it just past the glans but its tight and uncomfortable. I have quite a large glans and my frenelum is stretched as far as it will go (thus only allowing the foreskin to retract just past the head of my penis), this too is uncomfortable. I have been to see my doctor but he said that its all in working order but gave me some steroid cream to help with some stretching exercises. I think with more time i can loosen theforeskin some more. I dont want surgery at all, so i was wondering if there are any exercises i could try to stretch the frenelum other than simply retracting the foreskin?

Thanks for the advice in advance :-)

P.S. if it turns out that a Frenuloplasty is unavoidable, what would be the best way to go about suggesting it to my doctor? :S


Some people say that tugging the bottom of the foreskin out and away from the body is effective in stretching the frenulum.