I discovered I was pregnant much to my horror, on 8th april. It was totally unexpected as I had used protection always. Then I went for a surgical abortion on 13th april. The doctor did an ultrasound before performing the abortion which said I was possibly some 2- 3 weeks pregnant. After the abortion I bled for 7 days, very light though. But my pregnancy symptoms were even increasing. I did a test which gave positive. The doctor asked me not to worry cause he said positive tests are expected upto 4 weeks. But I insisted on doing an ultrasound. Much to my horror I found the baby was alive and now 10 weeks. Then the doctor did another abortion. Says this one is successful. I totally feel so wretched now. I regret my decision of aborting the 2nd time, but I had no option either. Has such a thing happened with anyone else? Can anyone give a possible explanation for this? Cause failure of a surgical abortion is really absurd and unheard of.