I recently had a medical abortion at about 6 weeks. I only bled for a week and didn't really pass many blood clots. My boobs continued to hurt and i feel sick sometimes and i still have this bubbly feeling in my stomach. I missed my follow appointment last week because my car broke down on the way and the clinic is 3 hours away. I did make a new appointment and it's this coming up Friday but I am really worried that my abortion didn't work. I went to a planned parenthood clinic and whenever I try to call for questions i get the general operator who can't answer any of my questions. I can never get the clinic directly. I also tried the online hotline through pp, and it was just a bot telling me to ask my health center. They said if it failed I would have to get a surgical abortion, will I have to pay for it because the pill didnt work, or will planned parenthood pay for it? Also the office I went to doesn't offer in-clinic abortion, would they refer me somewhere else the same day or will I have to go back? If anyone has had experience with planned parenthood please let me know. I am worried and I just need to know what to expect because I don't have anymore money saved up and driving a total of 6 hours there and back adds up