Hi, I know it may sound little childish but I need to ensure if the surgical abortion was successful or not.On 27 feb i have been operation,I had bleeding for 2 days after that had spotting. After a week i had follow up appointment and i told them that i have pain in my left stomach. They checked internally and said i have blood clot and gave 3 days medicine. I took medicines and they advised me to use Vaginal medicine once there is no bleeding.i used once and due to some personal reason  i had to travel and again experienced some spotting and pain or stretching at left side and few times at right side too.I again consulted another doctor she said i might have cyst so asked me to go for abdomen sonograpghy and the report says everything is normal but can see multiple small follicle in biliteral ovaries and hence required no medication.However no reason or ans is provided for the pain i am having. Coz i the symptoms which i am having is of pregnancy but no traces are present in ultrasound. So not sure what is causing these?It would be great if anyone cause these?