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I'm sure questions on these muscle twitches come up rather frequently! I'm 19 and i've been having these twitches for quite a few years, on and off. They're mostly nothing more than a little bit frustrating; and I seem to go through episodes where I do have them, and then I don't. I'm currently going through a time when I do have them, and they seem to be focused primarily on the side of my foot this time.

Anyway, i'm not too worried about them; there doesn't seem to be weakness - but I have found a pattern of sorts. I seem to get these twitches when I drink a little too much Coffee and Coca Cola. We recently ran out of Coca Cola, and I found they subsided when I wasn't consuming this beverage. We got a batch last week and I've consumed one or two over the weekend - and now the twitch is back. Is it possible that these twitches can be due to over-consumption of caffeine from such products? Any response would be great help, thanks!


Hi there! Absolutely, actually. Having muscle twitches is absolutely related to having caffeine and that's very common. I hope that this helps you out because I'm sure that it has been annoying. Have you decided to give up caffeine or are you going to keep drinking it? :-)