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i am 21 years old and my diet consists of the food at the Mexican restaurant I work at, and any fast food restaurant between my house and my job. Not so great. Recently I have decided that I want to eat healthier. I have two problems though. I do not want to lose weight and I don't really like vegetables. I'm 5'5 and I weigh 129lbs I like my body as it is. As for vegetables,  I only eat tomatoes, celery, carrots, lettuce, and I believe that ends my list of veggies. I like most fruits except cherries and pineapple. Fish is out of the question because I'm allergic. Also I am a caffeine addict. I drink soda all day long. With all that said, how can I possibly eat healthy with all of these limitations??? Help!!! 


I donot think you should worry much about losing weight,what is importan is how to maintain the present weight and still be healthy.Well, first and foremost you should do away with the soda and caffeine that you are addicted to.Having two or three cups of coffee should be sufficient for you through the day.Try and incorporate as many vegetables as possible in your diet as different vegetables provide different diet benefits.So is the case with the fruits.They are a good source of dietry fiber but some of them are high in sugars,which should not be much of a problem at your age and also if you are physically active,as they will benefit you by providing energy for the daily activities.