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So I have been a bad hypochondriac ever since I was little. I remember as early as 6 worrying about diseases I could have. I have really intrusive thoughts about going crazy or losing my mind. I have the Obsession part of OCD. Anyway I'm 21 now and can't seem to shake this fear of developing schizophrenia. I keep analyzing all my thoughts and behaviors and keep thinking eventually I'll get schizo. Also I have insomnia and don't sleep well and that has me worrying that my poor sleep will lead to me developing this disease too. Am I going to get this illness from worrying and poor sleep? I am already 21 so wouldn't the symptoms have poked its head out by now especially since I am a male. Also I don't have this illness in my family, just think all this worry will trigger it. Any advice would be much appreciated!


what you should think about doing is going to get some help. Im bipolar schizo and i sleep maybe 3 hours a night. I went and talked to a physiatrist and got put on the right meds to balance out everything in my brain. Due to your worrying instead of worrying about being schizo worry that you could end up with horrible anxity and believe me you dont wanna add that to the problems you already have i did and its no fun. Theres nothing wrong with going and getting help just make sure you go to the right one who can really help you not just throw meds in your face and tell you it is what it is. Ive been on my meds for about a year now and im doing alot better. Hope this helps a little but i recomend you go see a doctor.