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New to this forum and need some help.  For the last several weeks I've been feeling lightheaded, pressure in my head.  No pain, just pressure for the most part.  I have good days then I'll have a few bad days mixed in.  The last 2 days have been awful.  Really feel lightheaded, dizzy, tired and just in general down an out.  I've been to the Dr. and have had blood tests run and everything came back ok.  They keep saying that I have generalized anxiety.  I'm having a hard time believing it to be honest.  I think about it all day and wait for the next shoe to drop.  This is stealing my life.  Anyone have similar symptoms, if so let me know.  I need some help and suggestions to get through this awful time.


By the way, I'm on Buspar and Trazadone in the evening.  Sorry, probably misspelled those, but oh well.  :)


Thanks for any info. 


Also, I have pressure at the base of my neck.   Been told that's probably due to tension and all the worry that I'm doing to myself.  Thanks.