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Why do I constantly feel sick to my stomach and dizzy? This started about a month and a half ago. I will eat sometimes and feel like I'm about to be sick. Other times I feel light headed and dizzy after not eating for 2-3 hours. I thought it might be low blood sugar so I eat then feel like about to throw up! I hate this. It happens almost everyday! FYI diabetes run in the family and these are some of the symptoms but I don't know please help! ASAP!!


Hello Savannah Terpstra

I am not an expert on Diabetes but know from your description that you probably suffer from hypoglycemia - overproduction of Insulin in the body where blood sugar goes down pretty soon.

You mentioned that your family has a history of diabetes, so, am sure you must have a blood glucose monitoring device handy. Monitor your blood glucose levels everytime you feel dizzy. Note these readings for a week and then approach a diabetologist who can analyze your case and then prescribe medication. Good luck