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i smoked weed last night in a room that had no windows open, and was just filled with smoke. after i smoked the joint i started to become relaxed as usual. then i became dizzy, i got pins and needles over my body and started feeling ill. this morning i am still a little light headed and feel ill also

do i have something, because i am really scared at the moment


sometimes it just happens. i just had a panic attack last night from smoking weed. and it was the worst experience ever. but basically i been smokin weed practically everday now for the past 4 years. and i tested the theory if it was weed or not by smokin again today. and oh man did i have so much regret. lol... if you go into google and type in pani attacks caused by smoking weed. im sure you'll find more info. cause the first thing that happened before my attack was pins and needes followed by being very dizzy. i was bad and i ended up goin to the hospital cause i thought i was gonna die. and i know my sources that i get from, so i know it wasnt laced weed. im still researching on this, u should too