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So last night, I went to a friends party. They rolled 2 blunts, and I shared them. I have only smoked 4-5 times before this (I am only 15). I smoked way too much weed, and got way too high and had a panic attack, blurred vision, incoherence, and hallucinations. I thought my heart was racing, although it wasn't. After about 40 minutes, it went away. I ate some food, layed down for a few hours and felt pretty much fine, and went to sleep. I woke up the next day feeling alright, and went to get breakfast. Then, at the restaurant, I started feeling very dizzy again, and my sight was messed up. It felt awful. I only felt somewhat coherent, like I was dreaming but awake. I drank a lot of water, and came home. I layed back down for 20 mins or so, an felt fine once again. Then I got back up and walked around, an started feeling he same again. Its been about 15 hours since I smoked, and this is still happening. I'm fully hydrated and not hungry.

What could be the problem?
Please help, thanks alot!



Heyy, well I have no idea what's going on!!
I have smoked weed before it usually doesnt effect me alot..
I've smoked it a few times acually.
Maybe its becuse your body isnt used to it.. and you had more then you should have???

:-( hmm.. I wish i could help u
I think you shoulnt smoke anything, get alot of rest and drink alot of water.
if it keeps happening even after a week. just try and see a doctor. Because your health is really important.
i hope i SOMEHOW helped! but yeahh i think you'll be okay DONT WORRY!! :-)


Hi;I'm 13;And i smoked pot;And this happend to me.
What you've had happend to you is a mild-Mental illness experience;The illness is called Depersonalization disorder(google it)What it means is your brain has'nt fully matured;And smoking pot will f**k you up majorly;You got lucky just like me;You could of devolped Skitzofrenzic

I rember when this happend to me;I thought i was a skitzo;I couldn't think probably.

You can smoke when your 18+(When your brain is matured)


You went green that's all