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Hello. I am 16. For about 9 months or so i've had what seems to be the symptoms for a stomach ulcer. These include concentrated to diffused pain below the ribs to the left side of my chest, dizziness/neausea, lightheadedness, fatigue, a burning sensation in my stomach usually after meals or caffeine intake, and heartburn. Sometimes the pains are sharp, sometimes dull or a combo of both. The pains are sometimes random but I do get them after a level of excersize/exertion or after some meals.

Some of the contribution to my symptoms can be blamed on a history of acid reflux, second hand smoke, stress (not petty stress, BIG TIME stress), improper diet, and I do consume caffeine on a daily basis. Talking two cups of coffee a day and a history of caffeine addiction. I also have allergies and take a pill for them every day. (Note: i've tried several over the counter pills. Not the same brand every time.)

Sooo, now that i've exposed my horrible ability to take care of myself...Anyone know if these symptoms can be confirmed as a stomach ulcer? If it is, how long would it take for these conditions to become serious? (bleeding, perforation, etc.)

I know i'm only a teenager but I've heard of children having ulcers before...

Any replies are greatly appreciated!


hi, i would go to the doctors, an endoscopy will confirm if you have an ulser, i had on few weeks ago (camera down throat), you can have a sedative first but you would have to stay in for a while or if you have the spray that nums your thoat and you will be in & out in 5 mins.

no ulser for me but they found that i was sore and have put it down to acid reflux.

If you have an uler i dont think they always get serious, some peoples stay same some get worse.

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