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Well, it happened that I was just lying down on the sofa and I had that pain in my chest like my heart was rubbing against my ribs and it hurt so much. I could barely breathe. It has happened to me before and when I try to breathe it hurts even more. So this time I took it slow and breathed in and out slowly. Then I proceeded to sit and then stand and after a few seconds it stopped. It lasted about maybe a minute. Right now my chest still hurts. What is the cause of this, is there a cure or medication because I am starting to panic and getting scared? I want to go to the doctor but I want a clue or something atleast.
Please reply I am 18 and terrified.


Get to a doctor immediately. This could be something as simple as acid reflux or a legiment in your ribs, but if you have ANY doubts when it comes to your heart you go to the doctor *now*.


I hate going to the doctor and I will usually "tough it out" for most things, but not where my heart is concerned.