Hello; basically last night, I was with my friends, and we were all laughing. I had to breathe deep out to calm myself down. But when I breathed out, I realised I had done it ever too hard. Then, my chest started to hurt. I started to breath in and out, lightly, to stop the pain. It sort of stopped hurting, so I decided to go to bed. And as usual, you would normally turn around and move in bed to find a comftable position to sleep in; but when I did the next morning, my chest hurt again. I didn't know why, and I was puzzled. So I was going to sit up on my bed, but as I was about to lift myself up, it hurt again. I don't know wheather it's my left breast or my chest, but it hurts when I move, or breathe out and in, deeply,lightly-ish. It just hurts. Or is it my ribs/lungs pushed out too much?? It really hurts!! I don't know wheather it'll get worse, or lead to something bad! Any suggestions??