Well I have an interesting problem. Didn't find anyone else with it so will share and maybe someone else has had something similar. For some time now, maybe 9 months, I feel my liver popping out from under my rib cage if I take a deep breath. It feels harder than I would think a liver would feel. Doctor said that was normal. I had a CT scan and I was told it was normal. My liver function tests were as perfect as one can have. I am not a drinker. Once told a doctor I couldn't remember the last time I drank any alcohol and he didn't believe me. ha ha He must have been a drinker. Anyway, I also have pain in my right flank area and it corresponds with the liver thing. CT showed a renal cyst. I am now having quite a bit of pain with it. It will ease up with using essential oils. Seeing a different doctor next week. I do have Lyme disease. I had Lupus but was told that was reversed with my diet changes. I have lost a lot of weight over the past several years due to my strict diet but I am not starving by any means. I am not too thin. I do occasionally feel mucous in my lungs when I take a deep breath. I used to smoke for many years but quit 18 years ago. Its not always there. My diet is also anti Cancer so not too worried about that. I also feel a mass over my right upper quadrant intermittently that is not my liver. It feels like a large loop of bowel with a lot of gas except the pain is more like pressure than sharp like gas might be. Anyone out there have anything like this before? ideas?