So I just started running again after having surgery on my shoulder about 3-4 months ago

Before that i was running or tried to run about 30 miles a week, I ran all throughout highschool and rec in college

After the surgery I have gained a lot of weight, 30 lbs or so (225 lbs)... I'm trying to get back into shape and the whole deal but I am getting tremendous pain in my calves, hams and shins

I think I had shin splints once in high school and never had any problems like this before

Then, about 20 minutes into the run, my left foot falls asleep, I have tried to just run it out, but it gets too painful and I have to walk... pretty much limp

I do need new shoes, and I have gained weight so I figured that could be a problem, i havent run in a while plus the weight gain, but I've been out of shape before, and never had this problem

I currently wear Saucony's I've been wearing them for 4 years never had any injuries, I use arch supports b/c a few yrs ago I started getting some pain in my arches, my foot falls asleep with or without them

Please, if anyone has any ideas I am kinda desperate here, gotta lose the weight but need to run, its a bad cycle