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First let me say I look forward to learning from this forum.

A bit of background......a long time ago I was a pretty decent runner but due to shin splints I switched to biking and competed a bit there. I have tried several times to return to running only to be sidelined by shin splints. Being a bit pudgy and out of cardio shape has me wanting to run again.

Here is the current plan...please offer any tips etc that I may be missing or might incorporate.

Went to the local running store and was fitted with new shoes (Brooks Ghost 3's) after they analyzed my gate etc. Started Day one of the C25K program with no issues. Plan on doing 2 or even 3 weeks of this level to very, very slowly ease into running again. Additionally I have been working on stretching and strengthening the calves, shins etc. Also purchased some of the compression type supports that are for shins/calves and am wearing them (this is the type like a compression sock vs the ones with the velcro straps). Ice after the workout is a given. What else?

Would like to run a 5K maybe in the spring so I have ALOT of time to slowly build up.

Thanks in advance!



Watch your running surface, too much on hard surfaces can be a problem, try to mix in running on grass. If problems return also consider seeing a Podiatrist to have gait correctly checked and your biomechanics reviewed. Good luck with the plan, great to get running again.