I'm a 28 year old who for many years had been relatively active, weight lifting and running 5 miles a session, 3 times a week (at low point), without any issues.

About a year and a half ago I was working two jobs and long story short, completely stopped exercising and ate very unhealthy. The result was that I ballooned from 180 lbs to 240 lbs @ 5'11.

I'm trying to get back into it. Started going to the gym about 2 weeks ago and weight training/jogging (as a start). The weight training is progressing however I'm having issues with the jogging...

When jogging, I'm not too much out of breath but I get terrible shin splints and most recently - ankle pain. In addition, I walk/jog in an awkward motion because my ankles almost feel like they're too weak to support my body weight. This has never happened, even when I was a teenager at this weight and dropped 100 lbs later.

Is this normal? I almost thought it was my running shoes, but I'm starting to think that it's because of how heavy I am and I need to get lighter / my ankles must build some strength to support jogging/running at my weight.

Any advice?