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Since coming off my antidepressants I've started to run again! :-)

1. To lose weight

2. I enjoy

3. Relieve stress.


I have gained a significant amount of weight on this med :'( but I can still run. I usually do a 5km (3 mile) walk/jog combo but I have several issues.


1. I have plantar fasciitis from improper footwear and horrid floors  (i know i know..) so running sometimes i get this extreme foot pain but i can handle it because I'm used to it everyday. any suggestions on what i can put in my shoe (i have cushions, thick socks, etc ...nothing works) or a good running shoe to help with this?


2. Sciatic nerve half way through my run I usually hit my sciatic nerve and then i literally have a pain in my ass eh the rest of the night to the point where I can't walk unless i apply pressure to the area. Any suggestions or creams for that?


3. SHIN SPLINTS!!! These hurt a lot and I feel as if my ankles/shins are seriously going to break in half when I'm running |-O. I finished a run about 3 hrs ago and my shins still hurt. 


I know things will get easier once I lose weight but I've always had issues with these 3 things. Any tips from runners/walkers would be great


Hi andlovesaidn0,

I can only help with 1 and 3, as I have never had sciatic nerve problems. For number 1, I would suggest stretching at night and trying a heating pad. Believe it or not, a heating pad has always worked wonders for me. Stretching, icing, heating, icyhot, all of these can help (pre-run) the night before, or if made routine every night, it all depends on what works best for you. I have a really severe Tailor's Bunion on my fifth metatarsal that I need to ice every night, just to get rid of the pain from running. I'm not super familiar with plantar fasciitis, however, I'm hoping you now use special footwear and gear when you run? Such as wide shoes, arched shoes, flat shoes.

For number 3, all I can suggest is to maybe change the way you run. Try not to run extremely flat-footed, have some grace :P. Don't let the arch of your foot collapse and maybe this will help with your plantar fasciitis as well?


These are just a couple of things that I do to help me, and I hope they work for you, good luck!



thanks i will try this!


Running is the worst thing that you can do for your body. To hard on your back and knees. I was a personal trainer for 15 years. Walking is a much better exercise that you can do longer and burn more calories.