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We all face a time when we experience a bad breakup with that special person. We become depressed and it seems like the only thing we are able to think about is that person who is no longer in our lives.

How to survive a breakup?

We go shopping and we see something that reminds us of them, or we hear a song that they used to like. At this time the logical part of the brain knows that eventually things will get better, it is just a matter of time. Of course at the time of a break up we are so full of hurt and emotional distress that we can often be stubborn and fall into a deep depression if we don’t pull ourselves together.

That is why it is important to deal with break-ups at our own pace and find ways to build confidence and self esteem. We can accomplish this by implementing soul healing tips and remedies for love wounds. Below are some helpful tips for dealing with a breakup.

Write it down or talk it out

Keep a Journal

One of the most useful tips to keep in mind when you are experiencing a break up is to write down your feelings. When you take time to write down your feelings you get rid of emotional distress, put your thoughts into perspective and it allows you to take look at the reasons why you are feeling the way you do.

Talk With a Friend

Who knows you better then someone you are close to? They can help by giving you advice on how to cope with the breakup. They can also be the mediator between you and the other person involved. Since we often tend to only see one side to the story the mediator can see both the good and bad things about the relationship. They can also help you with strategies to overcome your grief.

Jessica Stevenson, she states, “Talk out your feelings with close friends. Get everything out so that you won’t hold it inside.”

A friend can also be a great listener. Sometimes we just want people to listen and not judge, and that is what friends can do well. When we feel that someone is listening we can put our minds at ease and know that we have someone who cares and is there for us.

Give it Time to Heal

Don’t Jump Into Another Relationship

Often break-ups can be very painful and many people jump right into another relationship before mending the hurt and emotional distress they experienced in the last relationship. Not only does this cause additional stress on the new relationship, but it also keeps it from being successful.

This is because that person will also bring those problems that they did not deal with on their own into the newly formed relationship, which can be a recipe for disaster and dysfunction.

Give Yourself Time to Heal

Everyone deals with breakups differently, some people cry for weeks others cry for months, while some people never cry. Just because a person does not cry does not mean they weren’t affected by the breakup.

Biochemists discovered that tears caused by emotion contained more toxic products then tears caused by irritation.

Tears help to expel toxins from our body that build due to stress. Frey states, “They are like a natural therapy or massage session, but they cost a lot less!”

One of the best soul healing tips and remedies for love wounds is to give time to cry it out. This is because the more you keep it in the more it may build up and cause problems in future relationships. Crying is good for cleansing the soul and expelling those sentimental feelings. Have you ever noticed when you feel sad and cry you feel a lot better afterwards?

Friends and Hobbies

Spend Time With Friends

Sometimes when people feel down, depressed or sad the first thing they have a tendency to go into seclusion mode and hide from the rest of the world. This is when they have to fight that tendency to hide and reach out to others.

Spend time with friends, have fun and get your mind off of how you are feeling. Before you know it you will be laughing and learning to live life like you were before the breakup happened.

Take Up a New Hobby

Just because you no longer don’t have that person in your life doesn’t mean that you life all of a sudden stops or is put on hold, even though at times it can feel this way.

Maybe you had plans to take a dance class together? Why not learn how to dance on your own. Dancing is an excellent way to relieve stress, works up a good sweat, gets the blood circulation going and releases endorphins within the body.

This will give you an instant boost to your mood and get rid of any tension. Who knows, you might even decide to take other dance class once you like the way it makes you feel.

Out of sight, out of mind

Take all Pictures, Cards or Jewelry and Put Them Away

It is just like that good old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” The longer you keep pictures around, letters or cards that he/she has given you the harder it will be to let go.

Research suggests, “Let go of mementos. Put away or give away anything and everything that reminds you of the relationship. Hide them out of sight so they will be out of mind until you are able to remember the relationship without longing for it to still be going strong.”

Why put yourself through that agony. When you learn to let go, you are coming to terms that it is over, which is good. That is when you can begin to move on with your life.

Get Closure

Soul healing tips and remedies for love wounds that are effective should also incorporate some form of closure. Therapists recommend being able to identify your Minimal Effectiveness Response, (MER). This technique is the least thing you can do, but certainly not the least effective thing to do.

Dr. Phil states, “The MER concept aims at satisfying your need for resolution and conserving your resources. Getting closure will help you move on.”

Past is gone - You are Here

Remember the Past is the Past

Only you and the other person involved in the relationship know why it ended. Maybe someone cheated, maybe you just grew apart from one another? The key to getting over a relationship is to remember that sometimes events in our lives happen for a reason.

At the time we may not understand why it ended, but that is when we have to learn to let go and realize that the grass could be greener on the other side.

After all, your ex is considered to be your ex for a reason. When a relationship ends badly remember this, “Do you really want to put yourself through all that drama again?” And if you answered yes, ask yourself, “Why?”

If you do realize that no longer having that person in your life is a good thing, then feel good in knowing that you are strong enough to admit it and realize there are better relationships for you in the future.

Learn to Love Yourself

When you learn to love yourself you are less likely to allow yourself to get involved in a bad relationship. You have confidence and won’t allow someone else to dictate your happiness.

That is why it is of utmost importance to build confidence, accept yourself for who you are, and be happy with yourself and all your little quirks.

When you love and respect yourself first and foremost this confidence will also be brought into a relationship and the more successful a relationship will be. The other person will also be apt to treat you the way you should be treated as well, which is with love and respect.

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In Conclusion

All of us will experience a breakup at sometime in our lives. That is why it is essential to learn how to effectively cope with breakups when they happen. We can accomplish this by incorporating soul healing tips remedies for love wounds. Sometimes there may be reasons for the breakup that are well known, while other times there are no specific reasons for why they happen. The main objective is to learn how to go on living life as we should with or without a life partner. Once we learn to love ourselves we can then form a strong bond with another person that will be successful and long-term.

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