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has anyone experienced problems with fish oil , and weight gain,

I have been on cod liver oil for 8 months now, and I put weight on, quite rapidly,

i can only pin it down to the fish oil?

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Have you had problems with weight gain before? Or this is your first time? And are you sure that fish oil is causing your weight gain because it shouldn't.

It is a great source of vitamin D and it helps your body to fight against various diseases. As well it is slowing down aging process and it is good for people of all ages, man and woman. So you should seek answer of weight gain somewhere else.

Are you taking care of your diet or you eat junk food and sweets? These two food types are main cause of weight gain and as we get older our metabolism is getting slower so it can't handle the same amount of junk food like it used to.

Maybe this is a good time to change some old habits and start with new healthier life style.

And did you experience good sides of consuming fish oil?   


It is likely not the fish oil.