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I am a 40 year old male and for the past 4 years I have been in an intense struggle to lose 50 lbs.

I work out with a trainer for one hour 6 days a week.  I have been a pesco-vegetarian (consuming fish--sardines, salmon or cod three days a week) for the past two years.  I do not eat any processed food and have not eaten fast food or consumed soda for more than five years.  All my food is either steamed, baked or raw the only oil I use is Olive Oil (no salad dressings).  The only beverages I consume  are coffee, green tea, occasionally red wine and lots of water.  I eat a healthy portion of protein, monitor my carb/caloric intake and I've been keeping a daily food diary for nearly two years.   I do not have wild cravings nor do I go on binges.  I never feel 'hungry' and do not consume any sweets.  

I have had a number of food allergies since I was a child (eggs, milk, beef, corn, potatoes, avocado, melons) which has forced me to be quite disciplined and aware of my food intake. 

Before becoming vegetarian I'd tried numerous 'diets', fasts, cleanses and detoxes with little results. (Five months on medifast and I lost four pounds).   I've also been through numerous tests, seen cardiologists, chiropractors and an acupuncturist.    I've sat in on Weight Watcher meetings and other weight loss support groups but always felt out of place.  I was expecting to hear someone with 'my story' like they say normally happens in these sort of settings, but as I sit there listening to people talking about 'binging and eating an entire pie' or 'falling off the wagon and craving sweets' or 'always feeling hungry' or 'cutting back on the fast food', I felt even more lost.  This was not my story.  As people starting nodding with empathy and understanding, I could not relate to anything I heard so I just sat there feeling fat and totally out of place.

My physicians, family, trainer, nutritionist and friends are also quite concerned.  They know that I'm not someone who binges on junk food, sweets or fast food.  I simply don't eat that stuff.  I actually enjoy being a vegetarian.  I've loved vegetables and tofu and feel full when I eat and I do not 'starve' myself.

Because of my regular workout and years of playing sports when I was younger, my arms/legs remain pretty muscular and in proportion with my frame, however, I still remain overweight- around the stomach and upper chest regions.  We've been filming all my workouts, monitoring my progress for a before/after film of this journey and it's quite troubling to see the weight literally stay the same.  I don't know what else to do. 

I am now on medication for being pre-diabetic and high blood pressure that my doctor says will go away once I -- you guessed it --  lose the weight!    xd Fortunately, my doctor knows me quite well and understands how maddening this is for me.  He is also at a loss and is referring me to yet another specialist next week.  He even suggested there could be something genetic at play that we must determine; that I may be 'battling my genes' so to speak.  With the exception of my brother people, I come from a family full of overweight people who all died in their 50's or 60's either from a heart attack or a stroke, but I always attributed it to their extremely terrible eating habits.  

I'm really at a loss as to what is going on and have spent thousands of dollars trying to solve this problem but nothing has worked.   I'm a fitness buff and I never ever imagined that surgery was something for me but right now it's starting to look like my only option.  Ironically, I know many people who lost weight by literally switching to the type of diet that I eat normally.  Quite frustrating.  I do not know what else to do or what else I need to alter to lose the weight.  Has anyone been in this situation (or knows someone in this situation) and undergone weight loss surgery to remedy it? 


The truth is i was once frustrated too with my weight. You know having kids really doubled my weight and that is really frustrating. I tried all diets too and they did not work. i just starved more because those diets taught me to deprive myself of what i really want to eat. i became hopeless until i heard about kettlebells. you know what. "diet program,s are not the best solution to lose weight fast but RIGHT EXERCISE. and i found kettlebells workout very effective in losing weight and it even created me muscles. why not try Kettlebell Workout Secret book? it teaches you how to workout with kettlebells. i guess you can also purchase an instructional DVD there so you can workout at home.

let me know if it worked for you. i know it will! don't lose hope. I am not against surgery but i believe it should never be the solution nor an option.


Thanks for the kettlebell suggestion. My trainer also loves them. She has had me working with them now for a few months.  I have a very rigorous workout that consists of running, kettlebells, and 40 push ups a day. (I must be one of the healthiest and fattest vegetarians I know).

I also feel the same way about surgery and frankly, given my lack of results considering what I eat and how much I work out, I'm starting to think (and seriously fear) something else may be at play that's causing my body not to burn fat for some reason. I wouldn't be so freaked out if I didn't work out so much and eat as well as I do.

We'll see if the kettlebells will eventually help....'eventually' being the key word. I've been working out with them since the start of the summer. Thanks again.


I can answer you.  Read the book "Why We Are Fat And What To Do About It" by Gary Taubes.  You described it perfectly.  You are genetically inclined to convert carbs into fat through insulin.  Unfortunately your body doesn't care what kinds of carbs you eat.. even healthy vegetables. 

There is only one way you will lose weight (short of starving it off) and that is through a low carb diet.  You will have to give up your vegetarian diet.  You can try everything you want but this is the only way you will lose it.

Read the book.  The science will make sense to you and it will help you make the right decision.

Oh, and once you are on low carb, I recommend R&D Diet Cookies... they help you not feel so "deprived" which is one of the problems with low carb.

Good Luck!:-P



OH! And regarding your title ... about weight loss surgery.... your situation will not be remedied by surgery.  Surgery doesn't change anything chemically or metabolically in your body.  It only forces you to eat very few calories a day.  If you want to skip the surgery and go straight to an 800 calorie a day diet then start with the R&D Diet Cookies on a cookie diet.  Start with them, start losing weight, while you are reading Gary Taubes book.