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I have recently been diagnosed with 2 FNH in the right lobe of my liver. I am a 29 year old woman who is on BC pills and has been since 1993

I get pain in the upper right side of my ribs and it radiates to my back


The docs don't what to do anything about them any advice?


I also suffer from FNH and had a major liver resection. I am willing to answer any questions that you have


Was it hard to get them removed?

I live in the UK and I feel that the Gastro Doctor isn't listening to me.

The pain is sometimes unbearable and I just want to get it sorted out.





Hi I live in the UK to - I live in London. I was diagnosed with 10 tumours. The largest one was a little bigger than a CD! From the time I was diagnosed I had to wait 6 months so they could note any changes. They told me it was due to being on BC pills as well. I had major surgery and they managed to remove 6 of them. The other 4 were so deep that they were unable to get to them. They removed 75% of my liver. I have a 15 inch scar going from my sternum to my belly button and also going from right to left. It is almost like an upside down T shape. I had 52 metal clips holding me together after the operation. It was a 9 hour operation and recovery took me nearly 2 years! I am really upset as I have now found out through follow up scans that they have now all grown back! So I am back up to 10 again. I really sympathise with you as I do not feel that our condition is fully understood. I still suffer now with pain in my left shoulder blade and all around my rib cage. I can not lay on my right side without feeling a crushing feeling in my chest. If you feel like people are not listening why do you not ask for a second opinion at another hospital. Do some research about which hospitals in your area deal with Liver disorders and ask for a referral. Nobody seems to understand the way the these FNH affect the quality of our lives. Good Luck Honey I hope that your requests do not fall on deaf ears. Please feel free to ask anything - I will be as accurate as possible although sometimes hearing 1st hand may be a little scary. I do not want to alarm you I just want to arm you with the facts before you make any decisions. Good Luck as I know exactly what you are going through. It is not in your mind what you are feeling it is very real. Do you suffer from heavy cycles? Do you suffer from any PMS? Or IBS? If so it all seems to be related!


Hi Angel 222

I am sorry to hear that yours have grown back. I have been under the care of a gastro doctor at my local hospital since last november but the problems actually started in the aug. They found 5cm lump on my liver via ultrasound and they sent me for an MRI scan which revealed that it wasn't a Hemangiona as first thought and there was two of them and that it was more serious than that so he got in contact with a Liver specialist based about 30miles away and that they sent me for a specialist MRI scan which showed that the tumours hadn't grown in two motnhs and then they said that the would rescan me again in four months. They rescaned my liver in June of this year and they found that the bigger of the two FNH had shrunk slightly but neither of them had increased.
They also took me off the BC pills back in Dec and I was still off them in June when they did the second scan. I am now back on them as they advised me not to get pregnant while on the painkillers that I am taking and they are doing another scan on 28th Dec.

Do yours throb?
Mine seem to throb at times.

Do you find that you get tired easily?

Do certain foods effect them?

The pain can be so severe it knocks the wind out of me.
My gastro doctor seems to think that the pain isn't coming from my liver but then he said he doesn't know where its coming from. I have never spoken to the liver specialist or even seen them.

I do have trouble with sleeping on my side and also when I am on my back.

Also I did suffer from heavy cycles when I was younger and since taking the BC they have regulated but they are still a bit heavy.I don't suffer from IBS but I have suffered from PMS and I have also had an ovarain cyst which was removed in 2008



It's fantastic that yours have not increased in size. If you can be patient there is a small chance that you will be lucky and they will shrink. It is really unusual that they have told you to go back on the pill. I was told that it was the pill that caused all my problems and they advised me to stop taking them. Hi how strange I have also got a scan on 28th. It's just an ultra sound as I am not due an MRI until next April. Answering your question yes mine do throb sometime. I also get extremely tired. It is very difficult to get a good nights sleep. Are you on strong pain meds too? I have been told to avoid spicy and fatty foods. I was also put on BC to help with my heavy painful periods. It wasn't until I came off them that all my problems started. On doing some research I found out that this is a congenital condition and it is made worse by being on the pill. Maybe you could speak to your doctor and find another form of BC? Good luck with your scan on 28th. Please let me know how you get on? With kind regards Maybe when you go back they may send you to go and see the Liver Specialists.


I also have sickness and I have to take omperazole for my excess acid problem as well.
The Gastro Doctor said to me that he doesn't know what effect it has on my liver so I have continued to take it. I had a list of questions in June which went unanswered as he didn't know
I am on strong pain meds, for the pain and some days they don't seem to touch it.
I am going to my GP next week so I will have a word with him about the BC.
Good luck with your ultrasound on the 28th and keep me informed about how you are getting on.
Its nice to know that I am not mad and the only one going through this