Hi everyone, i am a 36yr old mother of 4, I have had my tubes tied and take no medication and lead a fairly healthy lifestyle, though i do smoke.

A year ago i went to see my GP regarding a lump just below my ribs on the right, he informed me i probably had a hernia and not to worry he will put in a referral to see a surgeon.

So I continue life as normal... 10 months later I see a specialist who tells me hernias are not usually common in this area, so then an ultrasound and CT scan was booked, this resulted in finding "something on my liver". 2 Weeks later i am sent for an MRI scan, where the follow up 1 week later the specialist informed me i have a tumer on my liver 5 x 5.5 x 6.5cm. And they feel it is a Focal Nodular Hyperplasia.

The specialist has stated that FNH is usually in the liver, but this is outside the liver, they have sent MRI to liver unit for 2nd opinion and we now await the response from them.

Meanwhile i guess i am really freaking out, and have constant pressure pain in my right side, and a general feeling of tiredness. My Liver function tests are fine, and marker tests are fine also so should i be concerned and what should i be asking the specialist when i see him in 6 days time?

Any suggestions would be welcome, and thankyou