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my neice is 36 yrs old and has been having many reactions to almost everything she eats. She has reactions to msg. dyes hot beverages just about everything she puts in her mouth or is in contact. She was in a wedding and could not even wear the dress. Doctors are baffled with her condition and she has had many test. She has been rushed to emergency for treatments many times but they still can't come to any reason for her reaction to so many things.


Hi Maggie,

I'm sorry to learn about your niece's predicament. Has she consulted yet with an allergist? She should have IgE testing conducted using either the skin prick or RAST method to determine if she has food allergies. She should also explore food intolerance testing through York Laboratories. In addition, she might also suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity syndrome. I hope that she is able to find a compassionate, medical practitioner who will aid her in alleviating her suffering.