Hi,  This Is Satya From Hyderabad. Recently 6 months back I have got a marriage. I have  a comfortable sex with my partner but one day I Had a sex with my partner as usual. after couple of days gap my foreskin becomes too dry and surrounded by white layer and It takes so hard to pull my foreskin back. However I had pulled my foreskin back and shocked by seeing Head of my penis because it's full of some white color dot's and Penis hole is also turned in to red.  and very next day there are some cuts happened at my foreskin I started cleaning  My Penis, Foreskin for 1 week continuously now foreskin becomes so thick and cuts on foreskin healed slightly but whenever I try to pull my foreskin back, again cut's are happening  So could any of you can Please suggest what are the precautions that I need to follow? and is there any Ointment to Heal this cuts permanently? and is it in serious condition?   I am really getting Panic by looking to my penis so please reply to my post and please tell me your valuable suggestions on this  Thank you,  Satya Paleti