Hello I just have a few questions to whoever can answer these. For the past few months I've been stretching my foreskin. Currently I'm able to stretch my foreskin past my head. But whenever I do so my foreskin stops at the bottom rim of my head. So if I were to stretch my foreskin back and let go my foreskin would stop at the bottom of my head. And my foreskin would create this pinkish ring around my head. Is that normal because my foreskin is really thick and I thought it was supposed to be thin. Another problem I think I have is the tip of my foreskin. If I slowly pull back my foreskin and follow the tip while it's being stretched back, the tip causes to have a slight tight and dark ring and I'm pretty sure this causes my foreskin to stop at the bottom rim when I pull my foreskin back. I have a few (bad) drawings of what my penis looks like. Http://prntscr.com/bilad6 And I'd like to know some ways to stretch the TIP of my foreskin because it's tighter then the rest which causes the dark ring. And whenever I stretch my foreskin about halfway down my penis the string in the back becomes very tight and I'm concerned about that because it slights pulls back my head when I pull my foreskin down. And this is a very important question please answer this one. I've started to have sex with my girl girlfriend and like I said my foreskin stops at the bottom part of my head if I'm not attempting to pull it back, after we had sex the foreskin that's at my bottom half became bulged. The right side seemed to be full of blood as if there's blood and it has no where to flow. It was really squishy and red. How do I fix that? All in a how can I get rid of the dark ring because that causes the foreskin to stay at the bottom of my head which causes no blood flow.