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Hi guys i am 18 yrs of age.....during masterbating last day just in exictment i pulled back my foreskin back n the head was visible completely for the frst time.....but the problem is i am not able to get the foreskin back to cover the head and the head is completely uncovered and it hurts a lil bit as its sensitive......!!
the foreskin seems to be stuck behind the head i am trying to get it back on original position bt cant do it normal and how to get the skn back to cover the head again...!!! wat should i dO!!!
Plss help!!!


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Well, while you have it back you could try washing well behind the head under the foreskin. While it's wet it may slide right on up. The next thing would be to put something on there lube it like olive oil or KY jelly. Work it in so it gets under the foreskin and squeze the head gently to get it under the end of your foreskin. If you pulled it back without a lot of pain it should go back to normal OK. Mine used to get stuck behind the head when I was erect and the easiest way to get it back was to put it away and let it shrink. By morning it was usually back in place.

If it's cutting off enough blood flow to the head to make it swell up or turn purple, go see a doctor asap.