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so my wife and I are sexually active even though she is 5 months pregnant.

we never needed to use lubrications until after she had gotten pregnant.

i noticed my penis would get more and more sore after sex, then one day a small cut developed right under the head.

it is not very deep maybe one layer of skin and it feels like a papercut.

we remained very active (at least once a day) for a couple weeks and now the cut has wrapped itself around my shaft.

it has since develped skin that has peeled off after a day or two of not having sex where the cut is.

I personally think its a problem of her not being able to get as "wet" as she usually used to be in the places where the friction is being applied to.

I fear the problem wont be fixed because after a few days, the cut is still there.

its healing up ok, but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent it from coming back.


I have same problem.. feels like paper cuts. did yours heal over time?