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Hi (im going to post this in 2 sections, as im not sure where it should really go?)

Im highly emabarresed about my situation, so thought id look for some answers here, rather than a doctors again.

Im a 26 year old male. I have never previously had any problems pulling my foreskin back. Though it has always seemed to have been attached a little to much under the glands (Frenulum Breve it looks like after some reading).

Anyway, about 6 months ago, i notice what i thought to be some skin tags on my penis. I have a couple near an armpit (self diagnosed, so could be wrong!) and assumed they were the same. More came, and my girlfriend said it could be Genital Warts, i went to the doctor who confirmed. I was given Warticon solution.

It worked on all, apart from one. So i gave it a break like it says. More came back. I started a new set of applications a week ago. And i may have used too much. The skin became saw and reddish, then became very swollen. I couldnt pull my foreskin back as it was swollen and the skin was broken.

Ive left it as best i can, trying to let it heal. Now there is only a very small break on the skin. But its like my foreskin has grown smaller. I cant retract it much at all. Theres still a little bit redness and its quite sore still on one part of my foreskin.
I was hoping once its fully healed, ill be able to pull it back, instead of tearing the skin. But now im worried its going to stay like it is (Phimosis).

Im not sure what to do next.


Chances are, your foreskin will retract again after the swelling goes down. I know that it's highly embarrassing, but I think it's best that you do go back to a doctor. They see some of the worst problems imaginable--your warts are no big deal for them! They have seen ten times worse on a daily basis, I guarantee you. This problem may get worse, so think about which you'd prefer: being unable to retract your foreskin because you're embarrassed, or be embarrassed for a few moments but have a solution to your problem. I hope that you are able to find a good solution to your problem. Good luck to you; keep us posted on your recovery!