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I recently found out I have two 1/2 inch hemangiomas on my right and left liver lobes (four in total). I've been told they are completely harmless but I suffer from chronic fatigue and am wondering if these hemangiomas could be the cause? I also have chronically elevated bilirubin levels.



In most cases, liver hemangiomas don't cause any signs or symptoms. In rare cases, liver hemangiomas can cause symptoms such as:

pain in the upper right abdomen

feeling full after eating only a small amount of food

lack of appetite

nausea and


When blood bilirubin levels are increased, it may be a sign of a liver or blood problem. As the levels of bilirubin in the blood go higher, the whites of your eyes may turn yellow. Also, your skin may look yellow. Other reasons 4 increased bilirubin levels:

infection or inflammation of the liver or gallbladder

certain medications can cause increased bilirubin levels and liver dysfunction

certain genetic conditions, such as Gilbert's Syndrome.

I suggest u go to see a healthcare provider. I hope u find the cause of your fatigue and elevated bilirubin levels. All the best :)