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My daughter who is 20 has always had a problem with frequent urination. She now suffers from migraines which make her so sick she throws up. She has recently put on about 30 pounds and I am very concerned that there is some underlying ailment which doctors have not diagnosed. In your opinion, are these symptoms characteristic of a kidney disorder?



Frequent urination can be caused by several things and often they are associated with urinary tract infection. But other symptoms that you have described might lead to something else. In my opinion this is caused by early onset of diabetes. Has she ever tested her blood sugar level? If this is the case the only good thing here that these are the early symptoms of diabetes both type one and two. In diabetes your body will try to get rid of unused glucose through urination. My suggestion would be to test her blood sugar level and confirm if she has diabetes and start with the treatment as soon as possible. I know that diabetes doesn’t have cure but it can be manageable.