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Are there any of you with this problem, frequent urination, no bladder problem detected, nothing to show cause for frequent urination, yet I am "a frequent flyer" I have to pee every 2 hrs.  sometimes more.  I do not drink alot, I could never drink 8 glasses of water, because if I did, I would have to have a bucket with me.

When I go out into the street I get so stressed out, because there are no rest rooms along the way, I know that I can go to the local Pizza place, and order a slice to go, or the local drug store, and that's it.  If I have to go on a longer trip or take the bus or subway I'm freaked out, I started using Detrol La, but find that I have to take the pill at least 2 hrs before I leave the house for it to work. 

Its like my mind has an obsession with urination, I cant seem to stop thinking about the urge to go, and the more I think about it the more I have to go.  When taking Detrol LA, my mind does not think about the need to go to the restroom, that's what I noticed, I can walk relaxed, however after 2 hrs I have to go anyway and the only difference I noticed is that the urine comes out much slower.  Naturally when I pee the urine goes quick, and it's quite substantial.  Sometimes I wonder if I have a well of water in my body with all thle water I produce.  I should be skinny, but I'm not. I'm about 20 lbs over.   I don't have anything pressing on my bladder either, all my organs are in the right place, so what is it.  It started after I had a cesarian section 32 years ago.  It comes to a point that if I have to go far I wear a diaper just in case.  So far it has never been used, but just for safety it makes me feel more secure, but I find it disgusting, as I'm not some disabled old fart, well I guess I am because I'm 62 yrs. old, but in good shape.  So what is it?  What should I do, I tried kegle excercises, but still no solution.  Now I will be going to Jury duty, and I'm all stressed out, how will I cope? When I have to go so often.  It's embarassing.  I've researched other options and surgery is not one of them, if anyone can help with suggestions please do so.  One more thing, I do take FLOVENT asthma inhaler, could this the the culprit.  I cant' stop taking it, it works very well for my asthma.

If I ever drank 8 glasses of water I'd have to walk with a bucket, I try to limit my fluids when I have to go out.  I don't drink sodas, or beer, or other fluids that promote urination. I even went on a herbal tea trial and it was for the birds. 

Thank You


My daughter has the exact same problem and it has also lead to anxiety. But she also has trouble sleeping and is becoming depressed. All these symptoms came after the urination problem. She is so discouraged. Did you ever find the source of your problem or anything that has helped.




I'm a 50 y.o. male with asthma and freq urination issues.
Can hardly sit through a movie without having to use the restroom, yet at work, it doesn't seem to be a problem.
I've noticed that I can't sit in the car for more than two hours before nature calls.
Also, I've learned that the cooler the temps, the more I have the urge. This is a problem because I like my bedroom to be cool when I sleep. I use a CPAP machine, which does help.